All The Flails In which Liz, Alli, and Christina flail about the things they love. Mostly having to do with tv shows and milkshakes.

March 2, 2017  

Liz and Alli talk about Alli's new book, Safe and Sound. Sarah appears to give the best advice about camping.

Alli: and @magnet4books

Liz: @elizziebeth

March 16, 2016  
TW: We do talk about a character who is sexually assaulted. We don't go into graphic detail, BUT we do talk about the problematic nature of rape culture.

Alli, Liz, and Christina talk to Rachel Allen about her Contemporary YA novel, The Revenge Playbook. They also talk about writing, ships, other books with feminism and science, and more. 
July 12, 2015  

In which Liz (@elizziebeth), Alli (@magnet4books), and Christina (@cme622) talk about the first two episodes of iZombie - "Pilot" and "Brother, can you spare a brain?" They also talk about tv shows and books they've been into lately. 

June 7, 2015  

Liz, Alli, Christina and Katie M. Stout (Hello, I Love You) talk about Katie's upcoming Young Adult novel set in Korea as well as her recommendations for K-Pop and K-Drama. Alli and Liz announce their upcoming iZombie watch-along. Join us for shenanigans! 

April 12, 2015  

Liz and Alli talk about books they love, answer some questions, and make some ridiculous jokes that may or may not be funny to other people?!?!